The Nourished Soul

I have to be honest, I wanted to shout at 2014 ‘DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE BUTT ON YOUR WAY OUT!’

2014 had some glorious moments and some serious laughter however overall I am glad to see the back end of it.

Too many things happened in 2014 that were beyond my control. Drama’s that left me reeling and crying my heart out.

Or hiding under my duvet.

I realise this 2015 will surprise me however it won’t knock the wind out of my sails *quite* like 2014 did.

And here’s why.

I have started being more mindful, living in the present moment. Sometimes that means just breathing and focusing on that. Have you ever noticed how breathing should be balanced? In and out. Reckon I got the balance wrong last year. (It was more a hyperventilation)

Sometimes that means hugging my children close, closing my eyes and breathing them in. Hearing them laugh. Being mindful and living, actually experiencing the moment you are in is beautiful- even if those moments are not joyful, that’s what life is about. No distractions from what you are feeling.

Searching out reasons to laugh- actively pursue laughter. This includes comedy clubs, YouTube videos, spending time with people who make me laugh.

Nourish my body- most people who know me have said I can be pretty intense about nutrition, this year is all about the mindset of nourishment in every meaning. As I look on media platforms I see the goals of a vast majority of people to be restriction of calories and a sense of despair at the deprivation mode they commence with ‘Dry January’= No booze and so on. I am taking a different approach- if it doesn’t nourish me I am not interested. (that means no empty calories)

Nourishing my body and mind includes yoga (this is connecting me to my body), counselling (this is giving me the space and the permission to feel and process those feelings)and meditation (this is giving me clarity of thought).

Nourishing my soul incorporates all of the these daily practices as well as reading texts that inspire me.

The platforms that have inspired this mindset are

The 30 Day yoga Challenge

Women, Food and God, (and everything in between)

Hemsley and Hemsley


I hope whatever your goals are for the coming year you feel inspired and uplifted by them.

I’ll keep you posted with my progress 🙂

All my love and laughter,


A Moment of Clarity in the Chaos of Parenting

My entry into parenting was intense, scary, messy and didn’t go to plan- and that’s been my parenting experience for the last 11 years.

My friends who are parents rarely feel parenting has been a) as they expected or b) according to their plan. (Lol- this makes me think of a birth plan- seriously does a birth EVER go according to a plan?)

On the eve of the end of our Home Education journey (for two of my children anyway)I went to bed early so I could do the school run with some energy (Like I said parenting doesn’t go to plan and who was I kidding?) My moment of clarity came when my youngest called out from his sleep ‘Mom!!’

I blurry eye rushed to him and all he needed and wanted was a hug and a glass of water. In that hug I realized how as I am no longer woken 15 times a night for a newborn/teething toddler/sick child (at least not very often) I can appreciate these quiet moments with my growing child. It truly is a privilege to know that a hug you give or a foot massage or a glass of water makes everything right in the world for another soul! (And isn’t that what we all want in our vulnerable moments? Validation, understanding and closeness of someone we can trust with our vulnerability?)

It is a privilege to be called Mom, even though some days it rattles through my brain. It is a privilege to have clean water to give my thirsty child. It is a privilege to hold my son close. It is a privilege I wouldn’t exchange for all the tears, sweat, blood, exhaustion, sleepless nights and chaos that parenting can be. This moment would be lost between the dishes, the laundry, the school run, the meals, the shopping, work, uni work, church, and so on were it not for a conscious decision to try and realign my perspective.

I hope to find another moment in the madness tomorrow that helps me pause and take stock, and I hope you find one too.10553775_10154577842680374_892674269044517382_o

with Love and Laughter,



Ever felt sick/tired/exhausted/overwhelmed?

I have.

Sometimes life gets heavy. Life gets hard work. Sometimes life just plain sucks.

And this is when I have learnt the wisdom in self care and all that involves. Its moments like these that we need nourishment for mind, body and soul. We need to pause and breathe in, take stock of our lives and let go of what is no longer healthy.

It’s moments like these in our frantic paced lives when we need to fufill our responsibilites to ourselves, first and foremost.

As a Mom to three kids I know prioritising our needs can be near impossible. So I have few things I do so when these moments creep up on me I can fill my cup.

1) I find something to laugh at. (this often involves youtube videos of Trevor Noah, making silly faces and sending the photo’s to friends and asking them to do the same- this is near impossible for me not to laugh at).

I have many talents...

2) I nourish my body

I try have in the freezer a tub of ‘ice cream’ for these types of emergencies.

(By ice cream I a mean three banana’s chopped up, frozen, then blended with a splash of milk and teaspoon of raw cacao powder, this type of ice cream means I can wallow and savour a ‘tub’ of ice cream and not feel remotely guilty!)

Banana Cacao Ice cream

I drink (through a straw!) a divine nourishing drink-  a teaspoon of organic blackstrap molasses in a mug of steaming water.

Delicousness in a mug

3) A marinande in what is affectionatly referred to in our house as a Goddess bath.

This essentially means I add Essential Oils of my choice (Most likely lavender) to a steaming bath of Epsom salts.

Failing all of these things or possibly due to all of these I go to bed and try again the next day!

My ice cream is melting and my bath has run, so if you’re feeling frazzled go on and take care of you, however that looks!

With love and laughter,





Make Herbs while the sun shines….

The loot
The loot


Blink and the English summer is rained out, so on a day of beautiful sunshine a group of like minded friends set out to identify and pick herbs for tinctures and oils. We were guided and supervised by a wise and experienced herbalist.

Some of the treasures we found included Stinging nettles, St Johns Wort, Valerian, Burdock, and Mullein. Once we had picked the herbs that appealed we added Essential Oils like Wild Orange (smells and tastes amazing!) or Deep Blue (Great for aching muscles!)for added potency.

This day was child free, however it is so crucial that this knowledge and wisdom of relying on the seasons and the nature around where we live can be used for our aches, heartaches, pains and illnesses is passed onto future generations. As such there shall be another adventure in the Autumn to stock up for the Winter.


Wild Food School for those interested in learning more about foraging.

doTERRA Essential Oils- My online shop for those wanting to try these oils for themselves.



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