Make Herbs while the sun shines….

The loot
The loot


Blink and the English summer is rained out, so on a day of beautiful sunshine a group of like minded friends set out to identify and pick herbs for tinctures and oils. We were guided and supervised by a wise and experienced herbalist.

Some of the treasures we found included Stinging nettles, St Johns Wort, Valerian, Burdock, and Mullein. Once we had picked the herbs that appealed we added Essential Oils like Wild Orange (smells and tastes amazing!) or Deep Blue (Great for aching muscles!)for added potency.

This day was child free, however it is so crucial that this knowledge and wisdom of relying on the seasons and the nature around where we live can be used for our aches, heartaches, pains and illnesses is passed onto future generations. As such there shall be another adventure in the Autumn to stock up for the Winter.


Wild Food School for those interested in learning more about foraging.

doTERRA Essential Oils- My online shop for those wanting to try these oils for themselves.



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