Ever felt sick/tired/exhausted/overwhelmed?

I have.

Sometimes life gets heavy. Life gets hard work. Sometimes life just plain sucks.

And this is when I have learnt the wisdom in self care and all that involves. Its moments like these that we need nourishment for mind, body and soul. We need to pause and breathe in, take stock of our lives and let go of what is no longer healthy.

It’s moments like these in our frantic paced lives when we need to fufill our responsibilites to ourselves, first and foremost.

As a Mom to three kids I know prioritising our needs can be near impossible. So I have few things I do so when these moments creep up on me I can fill my cup.

1) I find something to laugh at. (this often involves youtube videos of Trevor Noah, making silly faces and sending the photo’s to friends and asking them to do the same- this is near impossible for me not to laugh at).

I have many talents...

2) I nourish my body

I try have in the freezer a tub of ‘ice cream’ for these types of emergencies.

(By ice cream I a mean three banana’s chopped up, frozen, then blended with a splash of milk and teaspoon of raw cacao powder, this type of ice cream means I can wallow and savour a ‘tub’ of ice cream and not feel remotely guilty!)

Banana Cacao Ice cream

I drink (through a straw!) a divine nourishing drink-  a teaspoon of organic blackstrap molasses in a mug of steaming water.

Delicousness in a mug

3) A marinande in what is affectionatly referred to in our house as a Goddess bath.

This essentially means I add Essential Oils of my choice (Most likely lavender) to a steaming bath of Epsom salts.

Failing all of these things or possibly due to all of these I go to bed and try again the next day!

My ice cream is melting and my bath has run, so if you’re feeling frazzled go on and take care of you, however that looks!

With love and laughter,






One thought on “Ever felt sick/tired/exhausted/overwhelmed?”

  1. Will definitely be planning a Goddess bath within the next few days, sounds divine…maybe with a few drops of lemon oil for that extra refreshing touch 🙂


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