A Moment of Clarity in the Chaos of Parenting

My entry into parenting was intense, scary, messy and didn’t go to plan- and that’s been my parenting experience for the last 11 years.

My friends who are parents rarely feel parenting has been a) as they expected or b) according to their plan. (Lol- this makes me think of a birth plan- seriously does a birth EVER go according to a plan?)

On the eve of the end of our Home Education journey (for two of my children anyway)I went to bed early so I could do the school run with some energy (Like I said parenting doesn’t go to plan and who was I kidding?) My moment of clarity came when my youngest called out from his sleep ‘Mom!!’

I blurry eye rushed to him and all he needed and wanted was a hug and a glass of water. In that hug I realized how as I am no longer woken 15 times a night for a newborn/teething toddler/sick child (at least not very often) I can appreciate these quiet moments with my growing child. It truly is a privilege to know that a hug you give or a foot massage or a glass of water makes everything right in the world for another soul! (And isn’t that what we all want in our vulnerable moments? Validation, understanding and closeness of someone we can trust with our vulnerability?)

It is a privilege to be called Mom, even though some days it rattles through my brain. It is a privilege to have clean water to give my thirsty child. It is a privilege to hold my son close. It is a privilege I wouldn’t exchange for all the tears, sweat, blood, exhaustion, sleepless nights and chaos that parenting can be. This moment would be lost between the dishes, the laundry, the school run, the meals, the shopping, work, uni work, church, and so on were it not for a conscious decision to try and realign my perspective.

I hope to find another moment in the madness tomorrow that helps me pause and take stock, and I hope you find one too.10553775_10154577842680374_892674269044517382_o

with Love and Laughter,



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