The Nourished Soul

I have to be honest, I wanted to shout at 2014 ‘DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE BUTT ON YOUR WAY OUT!’

2014 had some glorious moments and some serious laughter however overall I am glad to see the back end of it.

Too many things happened in 2014 that were beyond my control. Drama’s that left me reeling and crying my heart out.

Or hiding under my duvet.

I realise this 2015 will surprise me however it won’t knock the wind out of my sails *quite* like 2014 did.

And here’s why.

I have started being more mindful, living in the present moment. Sometimes that means just breathing and focusing on that. Have you ever noticed how breathing should be balanced? In and out. Reckon I got the balance wrong last year. (It was more a hyperventilation)

Sometimes that means hugging my children close, closing my eyes and breathing them in. Hearing them laugh. Being mindful and living, actually experiencing the moment you are in is beautiful- even if those moments are not joyful, that’s what life is about. No distractions from what you are feeling.

Searching out reasons to laugh- actively pursue laughter. This includes comedy clubs, YouTube videos, spending time with people who make me laugh.

Nourish my body- most people who know me have said I can be pretty intense about nutrition, this year is all about the mindset of nourishment in every meaning. As I look on media platforms I see the goals of a vast majority of people to be restriction of calories and a sense of despair at the deprivation mode they commence with ‘Dry January’= No booze and so on. I am taking a different approach- if it doesn’t nourish me I am not interested. (that means no empty calories)

Nourishing my body and mind includes yoga (this is connecting me to my body), counselling (this is giving me the space and the permission to feel and process those feelings)and meditation (this is giving me clarity of thought).

Nourishing my soul incorporates all of the these daily practices as well as reading texts that inspire me.

The platforms that have inspired this mindset are

The 30 Day yoga Challenge

Women, Food and God, (and everything in between)

Hemsley and Hemsley


I hope whatever your goals are for the coming year you feel inspired and uplifted by them.

I’ll keep you posted with my progress 🙂

All my love and laughter,


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